100% recycled glass

Country of origin: Swaziland

The beautiful white wine cooler and decanter features an internal ice pocket to chill your favorite white wine or rose right at the table, no need for a separate ice bucket. The minimal and sleek red wine decanter strikingly resembles the horn of an African animal. Both pieces are meant to occupy a prized position on anyone’s cocktail cabinet.


Ngwenya Glass only uses recycled glass – mainly old soda bottles for each of their handmade and mouth-blown pieces. People from all over Swaziland collect bottles and are paid per pound for clean glass. Ngwenya must be the cleanest area because any bottle that catches the attention of local children finds its way into the factory!

Largesse curates beautifully presented handmade, eco-conscious and/or fairly traded corporate gifts.


Anneli: (+1) 206.307.4660

Ilse:      (+1) 425.408.2248

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