95% recycled glass

Origin: Mexico

Every time you bring out these glasses, people comment on their color and vibrancy!


Studio Xaquixe (meaning at the base of the mountain) in Oaxaca, Mexico, has designed a heat recovery system to reuse waste heat and is pioneering the use of biofuels to fuel their furnaces. Eliminating their dependance on propane reduces their environmental footprint, along with the fact that their glass is collected in surrounding local communities. They continuously train and educate their employees in new techniques and processes, and how to manage equipment. Each handblown glass piece varies slightly in color and form, lending itself to the unique story of the individual who crafted it.

Largesse curates beautifully presented handmade, eco-conscious and/or fairly traded corporate gifts.


Anneli: (+1) 206.307.4660

Ilse:      (+1) 425.408.2248


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